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Controlling the animal population will reduce the killing of healthy adoptable dogs and cats at our shelters. Coachella Animal Network provides low cost affordable spay, neuter and vaccine clinics targeting low income neighborhoods. To date, CAN has sterilized over 12,00 dogs & cats preventing millions of unwanted births, striving to make this a “No Kill Coachella Valley”.

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Upcoming Clinics – November (2 Clinics)


Próximas Clínicas – noviembre (2 clínicas)


Amazing Live Clinic, Coachella Animal Network


Amazing Live Clinic, Coachella Animal Network Live with Craige Campbell for  

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Separation Anxiety


By Janet McAfee Dogs offer us a ray of sunshine and joy during a time when we are devoid of most human contacts and usual activities.  They help us weather the emotional storm while the pandemic’s dark clouds encompass our world.  The number of rescue dogs being fostered and adopted during this time has reached […]


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